London and it’s magic

London is well known for it’s amazing nightlife and famous luxury shops. For sure, it is a great destination for  every one who likes to party and have an amazing time.

When you have such a variety of entertainment sometimes it’s hard to choose with what to start your holiday in London.
So, rest assure, we will give you some ideas with what to start and what to do while you are in the amazing city of London.

Either you are food lover or just excited to try something new we recommend you to start your visit in central London. You will find there a variety of quality restaurants, from indian food to  genuine Italian food. A great argentinian restaurant is Parrilla Argentina , which is located exactly in the central London, on the famous Oxford street.

After you had a nice dinner  at the restaurant you are ready to go for some drinks. London is loaded with pubs. If you want to keep it casual then we recommend you to go to a english classic pub where you can find all types of beer. A good pub located in the city centre is Portman. It is quite casual and you can have some drinks with your friends or  with your new friends, because people tend to be very friendly there.

If you want to keep it classy and stylish and want to impress someone you can opt for The Shard. IT is situated in the tallest building in Europe and you get a great view from that restaurant.  It is the perfect place to impress a lady. The restaurant offers a private and romantic atmosphere.

IF you do not have a lady to enjoy the great city of London you always have the option to hire a London escort. You will be able to find the girl of your dreams to be your partner in any activity you wish to take part in London. If you are a single man you can have the greatest night of your life, accompanied by a nice lady.

Basically, anything you have in mind, you can make it true in London.
If you are a family guy then you can take all your loved ones to a musical. There are different shows on different periods of time throughout the year so it’s impossible not to find a good musical to attend to.

The great city of London has something for everyone. Every wish can come true in London. All you have to do is to book your trip and discover on your own what this amazing city has to offer.